About Us

VINAVIT CORP specialized in manufacturing and distributing fastener products: standard, tightly-tolerance, specialized parts for steel & stainless steel bolts and nuts to everything in between.

At that time, we believe this is the great opportunity to produce and distribute steel & stainless steel bolts and nuts, introducing to internal and external market high-quality products that is offered at the optimized price.

We support customers to find fastener solutions by providing technical consultancy and products. Besides producing diversified product lines that meet general market's need, we also serve customers who have customized requirements in criteria of product index and quality.

Our customers come from diversified fields such as machine assembly, furniture, electric, etc.. stretching from developing countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia to developed countries that demand high requirements such as Japan, Italy, Germany, USA.

Our location is a big advantage; we have an office inside Ho Chi Minh city, and manufacture plants in Industrial zone. But more importantly, we are located in Vietnam, where customers can take advantage of the competitive price resources in Vietnam to make them yours.


Founded: Jan 1999

Head Quarter: 397 An Duong Vuong St, Disitrict 6, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Factory 1: Lot K9, 6th Street, Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Factory 2: Lot C16, 9th Street,  Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Factory 3: Lot H10G-H10F, 10th St, Binh Chanh Disitrct, Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Employees: Over 200


Customer satisfaction is our job. We listen, understand and fulfil demands of our customers. Detecting problems with our clients, working out solutions and developing products based on them is our strength.


 In 10 years, we will be a top of mind fastening brand when Asia and European companies seek for fastening solutions, where high-quality fasteners are required.


  • We are human-orientated, customer-respected and honor the credibility.
  • We value humans: Whether it is our suppliers, officers and customers, every decision that we make, we put human interest and benefit on the top.
  • We respect customer: At VINAVIT, we listen to what you need and actively seek for solutions. We are committed to result at the highest level of quality. Hence, we constantly innovate and adapt to the individual needs of our clients, to the evolution of the philanthropic sector and to our ever-changing environment.
  • We honor the credibility: Credibility and trust are what we are aim at in communication and working with clients and vendors. We believe that the one of the prerequisite of long-term success is to building solid relationship of trust and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

 4. CSR 

We bear responsibility within society and set standards with regard to protecting the environment and resources. That is the reason why we adpat not only quality system but also complied with latest enviroment standard such as ISO14001, health and safety ISO 45001, Social Accountability SA8000 and Code of Conduct.

 Please contact us at sales@vinavit.com or call us at (+8428) 3876-7737 for inquiries.